This project contains various examples, walkthroughs and demos built by the members of the F# community using the F# programming language. The goal of this project is to show how to use various F# language features, demonstrate F# best practices and provide larger and more complicated examples built in F#. To get the samples, just go to the source code repository and fill your pockets!

Quick Starts

Introductory Articles

Podcasts and Interviews


Expert F# by Don Syme, Adam Granicz, Antonio Cisternino

A deep introduction to the F# language and programming techniques. Co-authored by Don Syme, the lead designer of the F# language, this book covers the F# language and libraries, as well as some important areas of applied programming with F#, such as parallel and asynchronous programming, language-oriented programming and working with data.

Foundations of F# by Robert Pickering

An introduction to functional programming with F#. Including many samples, this book walks through the features of the F# language and libraries, and covers many of the .NET Framework features which can be leveraged with F#.

F# for Scientists by Jon Harrop

Focuses on how F# can be applied to problems in technical and scientific computing. Provides a simple introduction to F#, followed by discussions of topics such as optimization, numerical analysis, interoperability, and visualization.

Real World Functional Programming by Tomas Petricek

The book is focused on existing C# 2.0 developers and it uses examples in C# and F# to guide the reader through the concepts of functional programming. Then it shows many advanced functional techniques in F# and where applicaple also in C#, such as domain specific languages, parallel and asynchronous programming and design of functional data structures.

Programming F# by Chris Smith

This in-depth tutorial introduces you to F#, Microsoft's new multi-paradigm programming language. You'll not only learn how to use F# as a general-purpose language similar to C# and Visual Basic, but as a functional programming language for developing concurrent and math-intensive applications on the .NET platform.



Terms and requirements of the use of all code hosted here on F# samples are covered by the Microsoft Permissive License (Ms-PL)

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